Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FIFA 2010...

It's here it's here... started... that means some shows are cancelled on TV just for the brokast broadcast. Though you have to agress this time around, the outcome of the first few games are rather unexpected.

I am not really a footbal fan sadly but true. The only time I am into these things are for the Padini sticker books. Soon I realised that I can't get those books filled... always a missing sticker here and there...

The same with the padini dinosaur collection and then that nice robot stickers... what was I thinking... I was a dino myself young... what can i say.

Ok back to the topic... football... soccer if you must. There seems to be some rather unsettling news on the new ball being used in FIFA 2010. Complains came in the form of

  • Ball too round - resulting in weird angular kicks

  • Ball too lite light - causes much flying

  • Ball too slippery - causes frequent miss

  • Ball too aerodynamic - way better than Nissan 370Z

  • Ball too happy weird - player unable to determine the head or tail of the ball... I am talking nonsense again...

  • The design and striking lines camoflauged it from the players eyes making them hard to judge its distant from them - the so near yet so far syndrome

  • Ball too soft - stuck to foot when kicked too hard

But well, seeing how things turned out, there might be some truth to those claims.
Referees aren't exactly too shy in giving out colored cards either...

Meanwhile I have missed Prince of Persia, A-Team, Toy Story 3 and a whole bunch of other movies... argg... I gotta keep up to date. Catch you all later...

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