Beta Page

20 September 2011

Ok the game is up and running :D Do go take a look see... I mean play see here

Estimated completion of project : Mid July 2011

23 August 2011

The progress of the game can be seen in the video below. It's shaping up and ready for release. Looking for sponsors. By the way this was created with Multimedia Fusion 2 (Developer), a superb ClickTeam product which can be seen here

5th July 2011
Whoops looks like I will be late on this one! Anyway here is the Beta 3 for the pinball game.
  • Redo the entire pinball table. I guess this is as close to the real thing now. The scale is now smaller.
  • 2 layers of path. The original base table and the elevated path... confuse? Well... you will know what I mean when playing with it.
  • Refined curve collision :D

23rd May 2011
Second demo is up. This time refined collision with refined ball
physics. The framerate remains the same at 50fps (60 fps is max for
flash with the current flash version).
  • Refined collision
  • New layout for refreshed gameplay testing
  • Ball bigger so that it doesn't slip into end game often (for
  • Bug in flippers physics fixed

27 April 2011
Early demo (below) proof of technology / concept. Ball physics and
bullet time collision. Uses Box2D physics library.
  • Retro style scoreboard / infoboard on top :D
  • The border collisions are not fully implemented yet.
  • Solve the issue with flash taking too much processor power and
    slowing down
  • Changed to 'Z' and '/' for the flippers. Why not use 'R-SHIFT' and
    'L-SHIFT'? It's to prevent the windows sticky-keys dialog.
  • Flippers physics are working correctly

8 March 2011
Project Pinball (Unnamed) Started. Pinball games are timeless. You play it again and again and again and even after so long you can picked it up again and relate to how good it was playing those things.

What I want to do here is to capture that experience and put it here on the web. I am sure there are some flash based pinball already lurking around the web but try searching for some and you will find out that only a handful of good ones are available. I am not trying to say I will make the best pinball around but it will be great if I can come close :D.
  • To incorporate real ball physics
  • To have features like a real pinball machine
  • All the loops and bells and whistles
  • Retro scoreboard
Being a pinball fan myself I hope this turns out sweet!