Monday, May 31, 2010

While I am away....

While I am away finishing off C&C 4, Flashpunk has gone Version 1. It was 0.8 before. Much improvement has been added includes the all mighty...

  • ability to choose frame or time based rate... framerate or timestep based game engine.

  • Various helper class for animation, collision and ...

  • basically a redesign of the classes for objects and inputs

  • powerful motion tweening stuffs

  • path based motion

  • advanced godlike AI

  • particle effects and emitters

  • we even have a more powerful sound department now... with pan, fading,... dolby and skywalker sound

Not to mentione the older pre - V1 source codes are uncompilable now with the V1 :(
No worries... a quick porting over by your local flash programmer will do the trick. not

With these new stuffs in place and comparing the activities and updates on flixel and flashpunk, I can't help but to reevaluate which one should I concerntrate on...
hmmm.... more news after the commercials

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