Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New game release! Zombie VS Pinball!

This is a Zombie themed pinball game which uses Box2D library for the physics :D. A tribute to my old pinball days! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Get all 'ZOMBIE' and the zombie comes to life! :D

Created in Multimedia Fusion Developer
Learn all about Multimedia Fusion at www.clickteam.com


iphone application developer said...

why i am not able to play game ?
what is the reason behind this ?

VHanded Cheepeng said...

wow, how long is this game build?

WinterGlass said...

Took me about half a year on and off to built this. With pictures and all. Was learning how to use the the physics library.

zine said...

Hmm. Nice game. Really like it but just curious how did you make the flipper not go through the ball. Currently doing a pinball game too but ball pass through the flipper?

WinterGlass said...

Thanks.. was using Box2D. Basically set the collision type to bullet and apply the force to the flipper to flip it. Box2D should do the rest.

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