Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Corona is my friend...

Well like it's title suggested, Corona is my friend. Now what is this corona? It's basically Mobile Development Framework. Currently does

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Barns & Noble's Nook

Hmm... now what does this have to do with Flash Game Programming? You can read / download / try ... all about it here

They even have a Flash Actionscript comparison on that side to help you migrate from Actionscript to LUA. Oh wait... did I mentioned that the codes are in LUA? No? Well everything in Corona is in LUA. Just code once and deploy to iOS, Android and that Nook thingy.

It comes with

  • Emulator for Android

  • Emulator for iOS Devices - for Mac version only :(...

What it didn't come with is a nice LUA scripting interface but you can find a LUA editor by googling it.

Does this mean I am leaving the Flash Arena?
Never!!! Well not currently... if you look at my [BETA] page you can see I am actually working on a pinball game.... sponsor anyone? Help poor me?

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