Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About game libraries and stuffs....

Well I noticed I mentioned Starcraft II back in 2008. It's 2010 now. My how time flies and I am still waiting for it's release... I wonder how those developers at Blizzard do it. I mean come on.. .2 years ? 1 game? Not ready yet? I seen the beta footage and all and it looks great... ready for release I think.

Ok now look at myself... ha! 2 years barely 10 posts on this blog. Talk about kettle calling the pot black. Anyway I do hope Starcraft II, when it's out 'soon' will be able to run on my aging PC. I got ready for the game 2 years ago, it's already outdated in terms of processing power and graphic card today. Still remember those... 'yes I needed that graphic card for the coming Starcraft II' in 2008 thoughts... but if they did started development 2 years ago, the PC requirements shouldn't be that bad right? yeah right... they probably had it on papers for a whole year Right? Anyway C&C 4 is out and it's been great! Supreme Commander II has since hang's on my PC and refuse to work. The only thing I could joyfully play on my PC now is actually.....
I am stuck with Flash Games and mini exe.
Nothing works anymore.
It started showing signs of aging when I poped in and installed Street Fighter 4 and started playing it in slow motion. Then that racing car game that doe not render correctly, then Supreme Commander II with it's 3 frame per second thingy on my PC when things get crowded. It's a sad world and if we don't upgrade often enough, we get left behind.

Same goes to game programming. We need to constantly do stuffs... program mini modules... just get things compiling. It started out really hard when anyone try to grab the concept but with gradual trial and error, you get the picture.

There are a few game libraries that work well with Flash Develop. Gone not really were the days where I used to draw using that Flash Pro tools on vector graphics and all. Nowadays it's Gimp for graphics and a little bit of other tools.

2 rather popular libraries are (FREE too)

- http://www.flixel.org

- http://www.flashpunk.net

These 2 are suitable for sprite based games like those you get on 8-bit days. Wha? I am talking super mario here and games that are 2D, flat. As with other libraries, these 2 makes it easier for game programmers to put things on screen and move them around, provides easy collision detection methods, a game loop, blah blah.. the list goes on

Of course there are others around like

- http://pushbuttonengine.com
- http://code.google.com/p/as3isolib
- http://www.theoworlds.com

and specialised libraris like

- http://code.google.com/p/collisiondetectionkit

These are all cool and all requires time to learn and get used to.
Do take a look see, download the libraries and try them out!

Now why should I? Well you should cause I am gonna use one of these libraries for my next tutorials! .. like next year or so... is that Ironman II coming out?

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