Monday, November 3, 2008

Testing of Syntax Highlighter

This is a test for the syntax highlighter...

function listenKeyDown(event:KeyboardEvent)
if (event.keyCode == 37) { //Left arrow
leftdown = true;
if (event.keyCode == 39) { //Right arrow
rightdown = true;

Damn the colours doesn't work... or do they? Anyway let's just stick with this for a while ya. :) If anyone is interested, I am using 'prettifier' yeah sounds feminine... which can be seen here

I had to copy and paste the codes within the blog Layout->Edit HTML area since I do not want to link to any other host and blogspot does not allow any uploading of .css and .js files. I hope with this 'prettifier' things will start to look good better. :) (PS : If it's all messed up on other browsers, please please please tell me... thank you.)


LanoG said...

That look better.. perhaps you can consider to put embedded SWF based on your tutorial in this blog. So that readers can try/feel it immediately from the same page.

WinterGlass said...

Thanks lanoq. I am actually finding ways to upload the swf but then I can't with blogspot. And also, I notice the codes are starting to look cluttered. Hmm.. I am looking into hosting the files elsewhere and link to it from here (doen't sound good) or if worst to worst shut down this one and open up another blog. :(

LanoG said...

One of the best option is to use Wordpress. Wordpress is much easier to customize and maintain. You also can port it (if you decide) to other hosting provider which is free (such as 000webhost) and you can use other domain name (such as for your blog.

Just my 0.02 cent opinion. Cheers!

WinterGlass said...

Yeah, I just realise my tutorials should be more err 'popular' with downladable stuffs. I will update here about the porting if it happens... hohoho... I was looking at Joomla.. pretty impressive actually...