Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Preloader in Flash Develop

From my previous post, once you have started to embedding swf (huge ones especially) you probably notice that while loading, you are faced with a blank screen or suffers from preload animations... depends on how your project is. So there must be something to do away with this... ... something called preloader. Thankfully, there is a project type in Flash Develop called..."AS3 Project with Preloader"

What it does is it creates a project with a Yup...

And if you view in the, you will spot the preloader in the
Just compile away and you have your very own swf with a preloader.

Now look into

You get comment sections like
// TODO show loader 
// TODO update loader
// TODO hide loader
They are simply placeholders that you can add codes into.

Now in a preferred situation, you will want to add a background image in your preloader. First make an image. I name mine "preloading.jpg"

Put it in the same directory as the codes and add in
[Embed(source = "preloading.jpg")] public var PreloadLogo:Class;
right at the start of the class Preloader declaration. Now in order to use the jpg image you need to add
import flash.display.Bitmap;
at where the imports are. Now at the // TODO show loader, add
var activeLoadBitmap:Bitmap = new PreloadLogo();
That's it. Just compile and run it. Yeah.. it works...

What do you mean you want more?
Status? Progress?

Ok I will add a textfield to this just to show the progress status.
Now in order to use a textfield, you need to add
import flash.text.TextField;
Then at the start of the class declaration add in
public var textFiled01:TextField = new TextField;
public var loadperc:int;
Now right after the addChild(activeLoadBitmap); add...
Now at the // TODO update loader add in these two lines...
loadperc  = e.bytesLoaded / e.bytesTotal * 100;
textFiled01.text = "Load " + loadperc.toString() + " %";
Compile and ran... that's it. now your preloader comes with a 'Load xxx %" shown on the top left corner! And it will automatically goes to the "main" after finish loading. Here is how mine look like...

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