Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome stencyl!

Hmm.. I notice I haven't been errr... talking on this blog a lot. Seems more Game Releases this few months than actual blogging.... anyway....

Lets give a good hand for stencyl. (Not sure how long has it been around but I just heard about it... wait... it says 2011 at the bottom is the page). Tried to copy the logo but it aint happening cause I can't see it in the html code... arggg What's stencyl and what does it have to do with game programming?

Well err.. you can read about it at their site or just read below...

  • It helps you make games... flash game.. currently

  • It's actually a packaged Flixel with a very useful and easy user interface to handle game logics... (that's what it looks like in their screen shot... not sure if it's true... yet)

  • Still blurr? Let me try again....

  • It lets you create flash game without coding? No?

  • How about it helps non programmers to make flash game!

Ok.. I am a bit blurr about this until they actually approve me to join their BETA but meanwhile you can try out their games created by their approved (envied) BETA testers.

PS:Ouch... I noticed my link to the Miniportriats 2 game actually pointed to Miniportraits 1... aww... fixed it :D

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