Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tribute to Cactaur ('Cactuar' actually)

Q : Is there a spelling mistake or something cause the last time I played final fantasy...
A : Yes I know. I got the name wrong... it's supposed to be Cactuar instead of Cactaur but the game has already been done since 2002. The title screen, the conversations... they are all pointing to Cactaur... how embarassing creating a tribute to someone when getting their name wrong :p

Q : What is the 'Fire' key? And why?
A : 'Spacebar'. Because it's easy to press.

Q : The screen is so small? Wha?
A : Yes I know again, it was an old game and 352 x 264 is the norm back then.

Q : Wait a minute I played this before. It was an app by the way... What happened?
A : Yes I got it port over to swf. Unfortunately not all stuffs got translated.

Q : What stuffs gone good bye?
A : The videos especially. I took it out for size sake.

Q : The game is short... I want more...
A : Sorry there isn't anymore... the reason I port this is to test it out under flash.

Q : Cactuar is supposed to sound more intelligent.
A : Errr? Wait... can I answer saying this is Cactaur and not Cactuar?

'A Tribute to Cactaur' is a fan game made by me after got stuck in the Final Fantasy universe back in the early y2k with Clickteam products. It was released as a tribute to Cactuar (yes I got the name right!) along with Twin Bee characters in 2002 :D

The original release has midi music from the twin bee series but flash does not support midi so it was taken out.
The porting includes replacing all pictures from bitmap (bmp) to either jpegs (jpg) or png (whichever is smaller). Unfortunately it still compiles to a massive 3 MB swf files... err I will look into it The original also had a pre-rendered 3D cactuar :D

Take a look at Clickteam's excellent Multimedia Fusion 2.

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