Monday, November 17, 2008

Tutorial Sourcecode Downloadables available!

Yup, you heard that right! I have added the sourcecodes for Tutorial 8 and 9 in ZIP format ready for downloading! Now if you have followed some of m tutorial you mgiht find it difficult for ME to refer to certain items... NOT anymore! Now download those files and I will just refer to them as item A, line 5 .. go check it out and read! Ha! Having said that... the solution is fairly straight forward. This blog is in blogspot and I hosted the files via so it's basically the same family! I hope this keeps on working and does not violate any rules. Anyway do inform me if this method is illegal not right.

PS : I have finisheddddddd RED ALERT 3.. hahahaha!!! Now looking forward for Starcraft 2... just when is that coming... I thought it was this year???

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